Manager's Tool Kit

Clear, concise job descriptions outline
responsibilities, skills and responsibilities for a
dozen different positions, including Office Manager,
Project Manager, Estimator, Principal. Clear
deliverables help you create a culture of
accountability. Start managing by results!

Here is what is included in your "Tool Kit":

1) Best practices and procedures for hiring including:

  • Sample interview questions for phone and in person. This prompts for not only what questions to ask, but also what to listen for when people respond.  The idea here is to make sure you’re hiring the right person to is best qualified to do the job, and not just someone you like!
  • Interview Evaluation form so you can have a way of objectively evaluating candidates to weed out the best one.

2) Procedures for writing and then implementing job descriptions. This is a step by step process intended to not just have a job description that is a formality, but rather an agreement entered into with the manager and employee. This creates buy-in and is an opportunity to get staff aligned on expected results.

3)  Over 25 Sample job descriptions – in Word format so they are easily editable. These job descriptions are results driven, not task driven. They are intended to be a tool for getting clarity with your team on expected results, not just activity. This is a great place to set standards and get clear on expected results for each position in your company.  This is the key to your freedom as a manger!  When people who work with you take ownership of their jobs, they are no longer operating as “helpers” bur rather responsible adults taking ownership of their part.

 4) Procedures for doing staff reviews including:

  • Review form template. The goal is to have your review be based on the job description. The review form is set up so that you are evaluating staff on specific results, and not just on how you’re feeling that week.  It is an opportunity to get clear on what is working, not working, and what changes need to be made.  Teams I’ve worked with are starved for feedback! This is a great way to systematize the process of giving formal feedback.
  • Sample review forms – both detailed and summary format. This is to give you an idea of what a complete review form will look like.