Budget to Cash Flow Template

Creating a budget for your company is like creating a set of plan to build a new home.  You wouldn't start a construction project without a plan, and you should never start a year without a plan for your financially successful either.  This budget template is not just about putting numbers on a piece of paper.  It's about creating a strategy to succeed.  You start with questions that guide you through planning what you want to create for the year.
In addition to providing a place to think through goals for the year, you will get a month to month operating budget that then also translates into a cash flow projection.  Have a cash flow plan is essential for knowing when is the right time to make financial investment in your business such as new equipment purchases, or knowing when you will need to borrow from your line of credit.  Mostly - it will give you peace of mind.  Why? Because if you can see it, you can do something about it! The other great thing? You can easily adjust one element of your plan such as a reduction in income, or adding a new position, and immediately see the impact on the bottom line and cash flow.  VERY helpful in an organization that has dynamic changes occurring.
Check out the sample so you can see the various parts and pieces.  If you feel you want more information or would like a live demo of how it works, feel free to give us a call as well.
Click here is see a sample of our report.